Table Tennis Interesting Facts – What Makes It A Passionate Game

My passion for table tennis began at an early age when I watched my Dad playing the game with great passion and enthusiasm. He played the game everyday – feeling energetic, positive and healthier after every game he played. In the next few years I too developed a passion for the sport and continue to play the game even now.

Table Tennis or Ping Pong is one of those few games which are known to cause minimum stress on the joints, especially if you choose to play the game recreationally. The game can be played by anyone – man, woman, young or old. People love to compete against one another. It is said that table tennis is the 3rd largest participation sport which is played in the world.

Do you love table tennis? Does the sport attract you? Here are some more reasons which will strengthen your passion for the sport!

Guinness Book Of World Records:

Do you know that the long table tennis rally was of 8 hours and 40 minutes duration? The game was played by Peter and Daniel, the father and son duo from England. There were 32,000 hits in this rally. How long have you played the game? Would you like to challenge this rally or check how long you can play the game? Give it a try – definitely, it is worth a try.

Improves Hand and Eye Coordination:

Table tennis lovers have one more reason to play the game. For those who are trying to improve their mental alertness should play the game on a regular basis. It helps in stimulating mental alertness, helps with better concentration and improves tactical strategy. Youngsters benefit in many ways – it helps in sharpening their reflexes. In case of elders, it helps in refining their tactics.

There are several interesting facts about the sport. There are more than 1500 types of table tennis rubber. With these specialized rubbers, which are pimpled or smooth, players are able to impart a variety of spins.

The game can be played between two or four people and you can play with a ping pong robot. It can be played as a singles game or a doubles game. This is a fast paced and highly competitive sport. This is also a good way to burn additional calories. This game helps in keeping your brain sharp, helps in improving balance and is also very effective in stimulating various sections of your brain

Best Ping Pong Paddle

To play the game, you need to buy the best ping pong paddle. This is where most people get really confused. If you are able to select the best paddle, you will be able to successfully elevate the game to a completely new level. In fact, this makes a great gift option too for the lovers of the game. In fact, when I started the game a decade back, I believed that all paddles are the same. No – this is not true. There are many kinds of paddles available and you need to select the paddle, keeping in mind the level of player you are. The best ping pong paddle choice is a lot dependent on whether you are a beginner, a professional player or an experienced player. Do not forget to check the different reviews before you bring home the paddle.

What other sports are you fond of? Cycling?

Table Tennis Interesting Facts

Research reveals that cycling and table tennis are the two most favorite games of the younger generation. Could there be any relation between the two? What makes cycle and table tennis equally popular?

Table Tennis vs Cycling:

Though both are different sports and a comparison between the same is certainly not recommended, yet, we have a few reasons why both are equally enjoyed. Just like table tennis, cycling too is enjoyed all over the world. There are cycling championships held all around the world, where hundreds of enthusiasts participate, mainly for the passion for the even. There are many cycling tracks in different areas which are just perfect for professionals and amateurs.

There are many health benefits of cycling which include:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Helps in building muscle flexibility and strength
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Builds coordination between hand and feet
  • Helps in improving the joint mobility
  • Helps in decreasing stress

If you are a sport lover and haven’t yet played table tennis, definitely give it a try. It is one of the few games which is bound to reduce your levels of stress, make your body flexible and helps in burning more calories. The game of table tennis is played all over and in different levels – it is played in neighborhoods, in the streets and at the city and state level. The game has gained immense popularity and more is yet to be achieved.

Hcbr Park MTB Trail

The Park MTB trail is one of the most popular destinations for sports lovers.

Do you love mountain biking? Mountain biking is a very well-liked outdoor sport and the way for some great exercising. If you really love mountain biking, you need to check the Hcbr Park MTB trail. This is a beautiful trail which offers great mountain biking opportunity. This is the best place suitable for almost all ages and people of different abilities. Try out biking, just for the fun of it or simply as a way to exercise and stay healthy in the way you like.

There are many health benefits of Mountain Biking, which is one of the main reasons why such special biking trails were developed.

MTB TRAILHelps In Improving Heart Health –

If you love sports and wondered if you could indulge in some sporting activity, try biking along Park MTB trail. It is known that you if bicycle for just twenty minutes in a day, it will help in improving heart health. It is known that with mountain biking, it is possible to use different heart muscle groups. The heart is able to work quite steadily. It helps in increasing the fitness of heart by as much as 7%.

Good for Joints –

Many people cannot indulge in different sports activities, because they have problems with their joints. However, when you are in a mountain biking, you will not be stressing your joints. This will not happen when you try biking. Cycling is also known to be sport which helps in keeping the joint healthy.

Risks of Diabetes Reduced –

If you exercise on a regular basis, it is known to help in strengthening the immune system. With a healthy immune system, you will be able to stay healthy. If you try mountain biking, at least five days in one week, you will be able to get rid of your sedentary lifestyle and ill health. This helps in reducing the risk of diabetes. For those who need an active lifestyle but cannot spend hours in the gym or running outdoors, need try mountain biking.

MTB TRAILKeeps Stress Away-

It is a stressful life for most of us. We need to rush every minute to meet the expectations of our family members or office. In a bid to meet all our commitments, we are often stressed out. We feel anxious and often irritated. We keep looking for ways to reduce stress and for improving our mood. Mountain biking is a way to keep your mood in high spirits and will help in reducing stress. If you have tried everything but still not successful, try mountain biking

The sport helps in stimulating the body. This is a natural way to release endorphins. This helps the body and mind – you will feel energetic, happy and good. With regular exercise, you will be able to boost your energy. The sport needs a lot of focus and also attention. The track is quite challenging, helps in keeping the energy levels high. The bikers gain new skills and develop better abilities, which help in building their self esteem and confidence.

Improve Your Brain Power –

If you have ever visited Park MTB trail, you will realize how sharp and intelligent the riders feel. It is known that with mountain biking, you will be able to improve your brain power, as much as 15%. With regular mountain biking, there will be boost in blood flow and the flow of oxygen to the brain. This helps in regenerating brain receptors and keeps away several diseases of brain which includes Alzheimer’s.

Better Coordination and Balance –

Mountain bikers understand the benefits of regular biking. This is a dynamic sport in which the rider has to continuously adjust the terrain, the elevation and also pitch. One needs to stay steady. This is the main skill of a mountain biker and helps the biker to stay steady and doesn’t crash. It helps in strengthening the muscles of the rider and builds balance and the levels of endurance. This sport is a great way to maintain coordination and balance. This skill also helps the rider to reduce all injuries.

With mountain biking, it is a unique opportunity to get a whole body workout. With other workouts, you might not be able to workout your whole body but this is the only sport which offers complete benefits.

The Health Benefits of Table Tennis

You might choose to play a doubles game or a single game, ping pong or table tennis is indeed a competitive sport. It is wonderfully played at quite an intense rate. It is a smart way to burn those extra calories as one leads a healthy life.

If you are in love with the sport of Table Tennis – here is some more good news for you! If you play Table tennis on a regular basis, you are definitely going to have a healthier and fitter way of living. If you are not fond of exercises, try the sport from today.

Check out the many health benefits of playing the game and why it is the best.

Better Reflexes –

Table tennis is a fast game. It requires short distance running. It involves the movement of fine and gross muscles. Thus, it does not involve extreme exertion, which can sometimes lead to injuries. It helps in building better reflexes of the boxy.

Better Coordination –

This is one of the few sports which help in improving your hand and eye coordination. Those who play the game on a regular basis can actually stimulate their mental alertness. It helps in building their tactical energy or concentration to a large extent. This game is suitable for all youngsters, as it helps in sharpening their reflexes.

Does Not Risk the Joints –

There are several people who wish to exercise but are worried about hurting or injuring their joints. Those who have knee problems or pain, find it difficult to play certain games. However, the game of table tennis is quite easy for your joints. Try out the sport and you will notice steady and slow improvement in your core strength, in your arm strength and muscles. You are not going to tax your joints in the process.

Mental Acuity Development –

Playing the sport helps in developing your mental acuity. The placement of the ball, the spin involved and the speed are helpful in developing your mental acumen. People who play the game on a regular basis are quite skilled. These people are known to be experts in solving different kinds of puzzles and are highly skilled in solving various riddles too.

Lose Weight –

Table tennis is the sport which helps in losing that extra weight from your body, which you have been trying to hard. The game helps in burning as much as 300 calories. The sport is highly addictive and a lot entertaining. It is a fun game which helps in weight loss.

better heart

Social Outlet –

You can choose to play the game in a special community center, at home or with your friends. The sport is a wonderful way to bond with people. It is often tough to workout in the gym all alone. It brings in boredom and people often leave their exercise routine in between. This is not going to happen when you choose to play table tennis. Playing ping pong helps in building friendship, it improves your communication and helps in strengthening relationships. When the game is played with parents or siblings it helps in building closeness with the family members. This is the way you can spend more time with your family members.

Good for Brain Sharpness

Playing table tennis helps in keeping the brain sharp. It helps in increasing your motor skills. It helps in building your cognitive awareness. As per a recent study, it has been revealed that table tennis helps in increasing blood flow to brain. This is known to help the brain and can reduce the risk of dementia.

Better Balance –

If balance has always been a problem for you and you have tried out many diverse exercises to pick up your balance, table tennis need to be tried. This is the sport which helps you to stay in balance. While playing the game, players are required to quickly change directions. This is one of the top requirements of a table tennis rally. With regular practice, it is possible to develop better balancing skills.

You can choose to play the game any time you want. There is no special season because the game is played indoors. There are several tournaments played throughout the world. The game has garnered a lot of popularity in the recent times and is expected to be immensely popular in the years to come.

If you haven’t tried the sport yet, give it a try. You do not require any special training to play the game for fun and your entertainment. Bring in your friends, family and neighbors and start playing the game. If you need to buy anything related to table tennis – whether it is a racket or a table, you can get in touch with us. Contact us here and we will be glad to help!

So, what are you waiting for?